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The Village Screen Quarantine Cinema

Last month, we launched The Village Screen Quarantine Cinema - a free virtual event that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home! Find out why we started these and how you can get involved.

I think it is safe to say that we are living in pretty strange and unprecedented times right now. None of us could have predicted at the start of this year that we would be living in quarantine within the space of three months but it’s funny how, as humans, we adapt to these situations quite quickly. Quarantine is certainly not ideal for anyone, but I’m trying to see the positives.

As a company, we are absolutely in awe of those working on the front line right now – the NHS staff, teachers, supermarket staff and everyone else keeping the country going at the moment are just amazing. We are extremely grateful and we already have plans to celebrate with you and reward all of you guys in the future. We would love, for example, to do a free screening for front line workers to show our gratitude.

This outbreak has of course affected the events industry and we’re feeling the strain too. We’re a small independent business and we rely on income from our events to keep our business going, pay our staff and our bills but we completely recognise that social distancing is essential right now to slow the spread and to minimise the impact on the NHS. Our hearts are also with those who have lost a loved one because of this cruel outbreak.

In the midst of all of this, we obviously cannot do physical Village Screen events right now, although you can keep supporting us by buying tickets to our summer Peak Cavern events and gift vouchers.

We thought it might be fun to launch some free, virtual events until our real events start again, so last month we launched The Village Screen Quarantine Cinema. We have already done three of these virtual events and are now planning our fourth. For each event, we pick a film and encourage everyone to watch together from home (people can watch these films through Netflix or similar platforms), alongside demo cooking videos from our food trader buddies, cocktail recipes, a live DJ set and online challenges to win tickets to future Village Screen events. Have a look at our Village Screen Youtube channel to see all our food and drink demonstrations and check out our first Quarantine Cinema Facebook event to see how the evening panned out here.

These are also helpful if you fancy creating your own Quarantine Cinema event at home one night.

For the foreseeable future we’ll be partnering up with our friends in the industry and doing Village Screen Quarantine Cinema nights every other Sunday from 7pm. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you can join in the action too! If you have any great ideas or ways to make our online experience better, then do get in touch.

Until we see each other again at a real-life Village Screen event and appreciate how amazing it is to sit side-by-side in a packed out cave, swimming pool or other quirky venue and watch a mega film together, let’s be together but apart via the medium of social media and Netflix. Stay safe everyone xxx

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