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Meet Sorrel from Sorrel's Cocoa Bakery

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Delicious, freshly baked goodies at Sorrel's Cocoa Bakery.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business, i.e. what made you want to start your own business and how did you get there?

I started up the business with the basic idea that I’d be happiest spending my days doing something I loved to do. It began as I hobby, without any real belief that it would turn into much more - so it’s been steady organic growth into what we are today, with each step bigger, riskier, & more worth it than the one before.

Which women have been your biggest inspiration and helped you to succeed?

My main inspirations have been other women around me in small business. Being able to see women in similar positions, on parallel journeys has been essential for both my business and my sanity (shout out to Faye at Bearhugs gifts!). I think being able to see women at different points in their business growth, and seeing such varying motivations, goals, and paths has been my biggest motivation to believe in myself.

Sorrel and Sass from Sorrel's Cocoa Bakery.

What tips would you give to other women who want to start their own business?

My top tip would be to take your time - trial and error has been the most helpful (& most frustrating) part of our growth, and it’s what now gives me the confidence to take bigger (& essential) risks.

If you could choose to be any woman from any film, who would you choose?

I’m going to go with a series and say Olivia Pope in Scandal. Even if our lines of work couldn’t be more different.

Olivia Pope - Scandal

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