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Pop-up cinema for Sheffield University

Each year, we team up with Endcliffe Student Village at the University of Sheffield to organise and deliver a pop-up cinema event for students. Find out what the Residence Life team at Endcliffe Student Village had to say about their annual cinema celebration.

Why did you decide to have a pop-up cinema? How did an outdoor cinema help you to achieve your aims? We always like to put on a big end of year event for our students and outdoor cinema is something that appeals to everyone regardless of their backgrounds which other events such as parties sometimes don't due to lack of interest or cultural, gender or age differences. We have a big outdoor space within our Endcliffe accommodation that is rarely used so it's nice to get our students outside to enjoy an event. Pop-up cinema achieves our aims because it appeals to all our students and can also be family-friendly for our families and Postgraduate students we have living with us. Did your attendees enjoy the event? What feedback did you get from attendees about the event/s? We always get good feedback from these events (especially the years when the weather has been nice!). We always try to choose either a recent film or one that is a cult classic and our students do recognise that. Students also like that the event is right on their doorstep, opposed to going to the city centre or further afield. The snacks are also a big hit and they seem to agree that it adds to the atmosphere of the event. How did you find working with The Village Screen team? Would you recommend us to others? We love working with The Village Screen team as they make it incredibly easy to put on high quality and large scale events where we don't have to do all the work! They have skills such as audio/video set-up and links with suppliers such as artists and DJ's that make the experience good for students and have helped us deliver a range of events including Outdoor Cinema, Halloween events and our September Intro Parties. Are you planning an event? Whether it’s a birthday party, special celebration or your work do, you can enjoy the glamour of the big screen! Head HERE to find out how we can help.

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