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Drive In Christmas cinema for Willerby Holiday Homes

We were ecstatic to be asked by our client, Willerby Holiday Homes, to organise two Christmas Drive In cinema events for their staff in Hull in December 2020.

Drive In events are the perfect, safe, employee celebration event and we also worked with Hull-based caterer, Shoot the Bull, to provide a street food menu which was delivered safely to cars as well as our friend DJ Jimmy the Gent to host and compere the night.

Here’s what Chloe Lidster, Head of Marketing at Willerby Ltd, had to say about the events.

Why did you choose to host Drive In cinema events for your staff? We host events for our staff and their families every year - as a way to say thank you for their hard work and celebrate the successes we achieve as a business. 2020 was a very different, and difficult, year, and we'd not had the opportunity to host events for our staff (like in normal circumstances) but we wanted to thank them for, and recognise, their hard work and resilience in this challenging year. A drive-in cinema seemed a great way to reward our staff and celebrate alongside them safely whilst seeing them enjoy some much needed quality time with their families. How many people attended and how did you decide what films to show? Over 100 staff booked places at the event over two showings, with 400 people attending in total. We went for Christmas, family-friendly films as we hosted the event in December. We screened How The Grinch Stole Christmas and The Polar Express. Did your employees enjoy the screening events? The staff and their families loved the events and we received some great feedback. Parents were particularly over the moon that it was something to keep their kids quiet for a few hours! The staff volunteers who helped out each night also enjoyed the events, commenting on the organisation as well as how nice it was to see our staff and their families enjoying themselves in what has been a tough year. The food and drink delivery service was particulary well received with people commenting on the quality of the food but also the effectiveness of the car delivery service. How did you find working with the Village Screen team? Would you recommend us to others? The Village Screen team is a great team to work with and bring professionalism and great knowledge to your event. I'd recommend them to others and hopefully will work with them again later this year! Are you planning an event? Whether it’s a birthday party, special celebration or your work do, you can enjoy the glamour of the big screen! Head HERE to find out how we can help.

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